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Finding and purchasing the perfect property can be a very challenging and time-consuming process, hence a dedicated and experienced property professional on your side can often be the key to identifying the best opportunities and helping you to avoid making costly mistakes.

I act 100% for the buyer and endeavour to make the process the pleasurable and stress fee experience that it should be, but sadly, rarely ever is.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience and industry contacts, I source the very best properties and uncover exclusive opportunities to view properties which otherwise might not come to the market through the conventional channels. I also help you understand market trends and establish the fair value of a property, negotiate on your behalf, and construct compelling cases to give you the advantage you need to succeed in a highly competitive market place.

My clients vary.  Some are very busy people who are unable to allocate the required time to find the right property, there are those who simply feel it unwise to deal with such an important transaction without appropriate expertise and those who appreciate enhanced privacy and discretion. I become your expert eyes and ears, and your feet on the ground, able to dismiss properties as readily as I recommend them.

For clients who live abroad, I provide the reassurance and confidence that all aspects of their transaction is in safe, professional hands.

Agents and their clients know my clients are committed buyers, my involvement ensuring that they are ready to move quickly and efficiently, often making the difference between acquiring a property, or not.

I offer access to trusted professionals (solicitors, surveyors etc) throughout the process, whilst managing all aspects of the acquisition and overseeing the conveyancing process to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible so that contracts can be exchanged without undue delay.

Once the purchase has exchanged contracts and completed I can still look after other important matters such as recommending and arranging further professional services, such as architects, interior designers, builders and acquiring staff, whatever is required.

If you have already identified a property, be it through a private arrangement or on the open market, I can still offer my expertise by handling the negotiations and taking charge of the process for you at this later stage.

(Please note that I will only consider acting for clients with straightforward and fully transparent funding arrangements) 


My Sale Management service is designed to fully manage a property sale on your behalf, impartially advising you on the best approach for your property, maximising it's value in the most efficient time-frame and to protect you from the stress and unfamiliar environment that selling a property usually brings. Throughout the process I ensure my clients receive impartial advice and are regularly and comprehensively kept informed of progress. Similarly, for clients who live abroad, I provide reassurance and confidence that all aspects of their transaction are in safe, professional hands. The appointed estate agent(s) only communicate with me.

I handle all the key responsibilities on your behalf, including:

  • Advice on any decorating, refurbishment, presenting and staging of the property prior to marketing
  • Advising on the best marketing channels, including interviewing, appointing and managing estate agents
  • Agreeing the initial marketing price and the pricing strategy throughout the transaction
  • When appropriate, exposing your property discretely to only the most serious buyers via appropriate channels
  • Ensure accuracy and the very best presentation of marketing material
  • Managing viewing feedback and advising on appropriate action
  • Negotiating all offers to ensure the very best sale price is achieved
  • Advising on the acceptance of offers having qualified the status of all buyers
  • Actively manage the conveyancing process to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible and that contracts are exchanged without undue delay
  • Co-ordinating surveys, mortgage valuations, specialist surveys and reports when required
  • Arranging additional services such as removals, storage etc

(Please note that I will only consider acting for clients with properties with straightforward and fully transparent ownership structures) 


My bespoke ‘downsizing service’ goes beyond simply combining the ‘sale management’ and ‘search and acquisition’ services. It is specifically designed to assist the downsizing generation at this potentially difficult time in their life.

From managing all aspects of the sale of your long term family home to settling you into your new property, I look after everything for you and aim to ensure a seamless and enjoyable process.

Over the years I has acted on behalf of a large number of clients who have downsized, regularly experiencing their anxiety, lack of experience and preparation to tackle the not insignificant event of leaving a long-term family home. And often it is something they have not necessarily chosen to do, as more or often than not, the sale is due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the loss of a partner or poor health.

So, I am here to help you achieve the very best price for your house, ensure you acquire the right property, avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls which can prove so costly and very upsetting, and allow you the confidence to know that everything is being handled in your very best interests.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who are a part of our older generation who often doubt the integrity of those who work in the property industry, yet appreciate true personal service. This is why I have made the ‘downsizing service’ an integral part of Lintott & Co and strive to make the process a positive and happy experience, acting in the very best interests of my clients and their families.



I have acted for various prestigious automotive companies in both sale and search & acquisition roles. As a lifelong car enthusiast I have made many close contacts in the industry and enjoy the opportunity of mixing business with pleasure. I am lucky enough to have worked with high profile companies including H R Owen, DK Engineering, Bell & Colvill/Mclaren Guildford, Girardo & Co and Shmee150.  



Having acted for a number of clients who are in the public eye or who just prefer to keep their private affairs as such, I understand that for some clients privacy and discretion are an absolute prerequisite. By engaging my services one can draw upon my experience of handling property matters as discretely as required (within the law), so that you do not have to be concerned about attracting unnecessary and unwelcomed attention. Whether you are buying or selling, estate agents will only ever communicate directly with me, they will not hold your personal contact details.


I always have requests from developers interested in purchasing land and buildings, from smaller refurbishment opportunities to very large scale developments, with or without planning consent. If you have, or know of, a property which you believe might offer such potential, please do not hesitate to contact me.